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Voddler launches mobile app for Google’s Android OS

The Swedish entertainment service Voddler is launching an application for mobile phones using Google’s Android OS. The mobile application allows Voddler to expand its unique advertising-financed movie service to include mobile phones.

Voddler’s launch of the mobile phone application is in line with the company’s strategy of developing applications with interfaces optimized for all screens and platforms. Voddler’s PC and Mac compatible browser-based movie player is now complemented by a mobile application. There is also an application for Android OS based TV screens under development for launch at a later date. All of Voddler’s applications are integrated such that users are able to begin watching a movie in one application and finish it in another. The mobile app will include playing movies and trailers, sharing playlists on social networks, and remote control of PCs and TVs directly from the mobile phone. The launch will take place in stages starting with the first version during May 2010.

“Mobile users will now be able to legally receive advertising-financed Hollywood movies directly to their phones, while advertisers will gain long-coveted access to the user’s inside pocket,” says Voddler Marketing Director Björn Isakson.

The new mobile app is currently being tested in a version limited to movie trailers by a group of Voddler users; the first version of the full application will be released free of charge to all users in May.

“Because Voddler is working with a cloud computing solution with movies stored in the cloud, seamless integration between different screens and platforms is simple. Today we stream our movies to PCs and provide the best picture and sound quality available on the market; we aim to do the same thing for mobile phones and later for Internet connected TVs,” explains Voddler CTO Stefan Anjou.

Voddler currently has contracts with leading global film companies and distributors plus more than 600,000 registered users who watch tens of thousands of movies daily. Voddler recently began operations in Norway, Denmark and Finland.

For further information, contact:

Björn Isakson, VP Marketing, +46 768 502 050,

Stefan Anjou, CTO, +46 705 558 872,

About Voddler
Founded in 2005, Voddler is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Voddler’s mission is to offer a premium video service for users, advertisers and content owners. Voddler brings together premium content from leading content companies including Walt Disney, Dreamworks, Paramount, Warner Bros., Touchstone Pictures, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, New Line Home Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, HBO Home Video, Miramax, Buena Vista, Sony Pictures, Castle Rock Entertainment, Turner Entertainment, Sandrew Metronome, Atlantic Pictures, Scanbox, Noble Entertainment, PAN Vision, Nonstop Media, TVF, FilmFactory and BBC Worldwide.


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