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Sage UK saves money with ‘green’ lighting

Washington-based company, Glowled Ltd, designed and installed an Intelligent LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Lighting System for the Sage (UK) distribution centre, who now expect to save in excess of £9,000 a year in energy costs.

Arzhang Tahmosybayat, LED Lighting System Consultant at Glowled, said: “We replaced inefficient Metal Halide fittings throughout the warehouse with an Intelligent LED lighting system that is efficient and flexible, meeting the specific lighting requirement for each zone in the building.

“The system has helped Sage (UK) to meet its energy reduction targets by controlling when and where light is required on a daily basis to match working requirements and shift patterns. The quality of light has also improved the working conditions for the staff based in the distribution centre.”

The wireless control platform allows Sage (UK) to make operational changes and monitor and download the system's energy use and daylight-harvesting data from their Headquarters without having to visit the site. This, combined with the integrated occupancy and daylight sensor-driven intelligence, allows Sage (UK) to continuously tweak settings to maximise lighting efficiency.

Tony Dodds and David Moorhead, Sage UK's sustainability team said: “We are delighted with the new lighting system designed by Glowled for our 30,000 square foot distribution centre. We are already enjoying dramatic savings and we expect the investment to be recouped in less than three years. Glowled's service from initial meetings to installation and commissioning has been of the highest standard. They have delivered us an outstanding solution that exactly fits our needs.”


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About Glowled
Glowled was founded as a research and development project supported by The Carbon Trust in 2008 to undertake a two-year investigation into the viability of LED technology as a general light source. With over 30 years of experience of optoelectronic components for the aerospace and defence industries, Glowled Ltd helps organisations slash their overheads for lighting-related energy and maintenance with its portfolio of tailored high-performance LED lighting solutions. Office spaces, consumer-facing retail spaces or energy-hungry industrial spaces can all benefit from increased efficiency gains and, ultimately, cost reductions.

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About Sage (UK) Limited
Sage (UK) Limited is a subsidiary of The Sage Group plc, a leading global supplier of business management software solutions and related products and services, principally for small to medium-sized businesses. In the UK, Sage provides software and services to more than 830,000 businesses ranging from start-ups to large companies. This software ranges from accounts and ERP, HR and payroll, forecasting and business intelligence to e-business and help for start-ups. Services include Excel Support, HR Advice, Health and Safety Advice and training courses.

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