Press release - Reaches 100,000 Songs in its Music Discovery Database is announcing today that its music discovery database has crossed the 100,000 songs mark. This accomplishment is the result of a collective effort of nearly 4,500 content contributors and over 100 moderators since the site’s launch. Furthermore, the site now lists nearly 40,000 artists, over 52,000 samples, over 30,000 cover songs and nearly 10,000 remixes.

The site, which officially launched in December 2009, provides music fans with unique insight into how contemporary music is written and produced, and where their favorite artists draw their influences. Sampling has always been a pillar of Hip-Hop and Electronic music, and is today more popular than ever. By tracing the origins of samples and cover songs, music fans discover the influential works of musicians from all eras and genres, while appreciating the use of those influences by contemporary artists such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, J Dilla and Daft Punk.

“Over the past two years WhoSampled has established itself as the definitive home of sample-based music” says Nadav Poraz, founder of “Our community is putting a tremendous collective effort into our unique Music DNA database. In a relatively short time we’ve built the largest, most detailed and most accurate resource for sample-based music ever created. Millions of music fans are now discovering new and old music in unique and exciting ways using our website.”

With its large dataset, WhoSampled reveals some interesting insights into music’s history. The most sampled track of all time is currently the famous drum break in Amen, Brother by The Winstons, followed closely by Fab 5 Freddy’s classic “F-f-f-ressshh” scratch in Change the Beat (Female Version). The most sampled artist of all time is James Brown, who was sampled more than 1,200 times, and DJ Premier is the king of (non-mashup) sampling, with over 900 samples to his name.


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  • music is the world's leading destination for fans of sample-based music, remixes and cover songs. At its core is a vibrant community of deeply engaged, knowledgeable music fans who are building the largest and most detailed database of sampled music, remixes and cover songs ever. It naturally attracts DJs, producers and fans of Urban and Electronic music, where sampling is prevalent, as well as fans of other genres such as Rock and Pop, showing how the entire musical spectrum is interconnected in exciting and surprising ways.