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Fight your hunger demons with New Opriimo weight management medical device, from Weightmasters

Opriimo offers a completely new solution to weight management. It’s a revolutionary new medical device that reduces appetite for eating less. Opriimo is completely natural and clinically proven for weight management and the supportive treatment of excess weight.

The Opriimo device is offered with dedicated 1:1 support from personal weight management consultants.

What is Opriimo?
Opriimo is a hunger suppressing medical device, which has been specifically developed to gradually reduce the amount of food eaten and to help change eating habits. In time, it will train the body to recongnise when full and help to naturally reduce food intake as a result.

Clinically shown to increase weight loss.

In a placebo controlled, randomized double-blind clinical study, 139 patients with a BMI between 25-35 were monitored over a period of 12 weeks. Those using the Opriimo device reported an average weight loss of 9.4kg, compared with just 5.6kg in the placebo group. Opriimo also resulted in 77.5% feeling fuller, as opposed to 54.1% in the placebo group.

Personalised Hunger Management – completely tailored program support from a real person, every step of the way.

Opriimo recognises that everyone is different, and that managing hunger can be difficult to figure out on your own. That’s why the Opriimo consultants are there to provide support from the beginning. No generic on-line plans, at Opriimo they communicate in person, 1:1. They will develop a customised plan and then offer direct expert support to help their clients stick with the plan. They will also work with existing food choices, so without cutting anything out - users don’t feel deprived of their favourite foods.

Think of them as the Angel on the shoulder, providing nutritional and emotional support and providing the much needed help, support and motivation needed when embarking on a weight management journey.

Opriimo is a product name of Weightmasters.

Weightmasters is a trading name of Your Lifestyle Products Ltd.

Enquiries Tel: 0208 619 0025 / Email: csuk(at)opriimo(dot)com


  • can't stop eating
  • control appetite
  • lower calorie intake
  • no complicated diets

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