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CAMBRIDGE, UK – 11 May 2010 – Zeus Technology, the only pure software-based application traffic management (application delivery controller) company, today announced its appointment by next-gen online poker site to manage and prioritize its web traffic. The deal will ensure that the management of’s steady growth does not impact the user experience, and that customers continue to receive an outstanding service during peak periods. has implemented Zeus Traffic Manager to help ensure its online gaming community remains continually online and does not suffer unexpected outages. This will create a stable online environment for the community to download and research product developments and interact with the site's forum areas. The technology will also ensure that customers have a streamlined experience when making deposits or withdrawals on account areas of the site.


The Zeus solution will allow existing, legacy technologies to be replaced, which were put in place when was in its infancy. Zeus will also enable more reporting facilities, so problems can be easily be identified and resolved without causing downtime to the rest of the system. Content compression has lowered bandwidth costs for web traffic by over 50%, while improving the speed at which the site operates. will now be able to quickly scale up its services to manage its rapid business growth as well as unpredictable peaks in web traffic.


Jeremy Longley, CTO, commented, “Customers are increasingly interacting with our platform, spending more time and money on our site. While this is great for business, it also means that our community expects a reliable online experience with no outages during games or transactions. Our huge growth rate resulted in 1.61 billion hits on in March alone, so it is critical that we have the robust and scalable technology Zeus offers to manage this huge volume of web traffic. We are confident with Zeus’ enterprise-level software in place, that we have a reliable, 100% available online presence, providing an excellent user experience.”


Paul Brennan, CEO, Zeus Technology, added, "With the online gambling market rapidly becoming more and more popular, it’s often technology that helps companies, such as, keep pace with demand and adapt quickly to business and customer requirements. Any downtime or slow service will significantly damage brand reputation and customer loyalty. By incorporating a sophisticated web traffic management solution, can now ensure their growing online community will have fast, reliable and secure access 24/7.”


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PKR is a revolutionary new concept in online poker that has changed the way that the game is played. Featuring stunning real-time 3D graphics and a uniquely engaging and immersive gaming system, PKR brings an unparalleled and previously unseen level of realism to online poker.   Developed by some of the brightest stars in the video games and poker industries, PKR continues to be the most innovative poker room in the world.

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