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Online Printing Company 4OVER4.COM Announces Scheduled Launch of New Advanced Online Design Software

Astoria, New York

New York Printing Company 4OVER4.COM was one of the first online printing companies in the U.S. has announced plans to launch a new advanced online design tool in the coming weeks which will provide customers a simple and free way to design professional artwork for their print orders online. 4OVER4 is an online provider of quality printing services including catalog printingbrochure printers service, sticker printers service, vinyl banners printing, brochures tri fold printing, brochure leaflet printing, printers in NY service, card printingbanner printing, custom printing online, and more.

4OVER4.COM customers will be able to design business cards, flyers, brochures, post cards, and more online, while making real-time changes that reflect their desired design goals. The advanced design tool will be intuitive and easy to use, and will feature a full suite of advanced graphic design tools that typically would require expensive and complicated proprietary design software. The new tool will save professional design costs, and help make the online printing process cheaper, easier and more convenient for 4OVER4.COM customers.

The new online design tool will sport a complete suite of standard professional graphic design tools and operations typically found in expensive professional graphic design applications purchased for desktop installation, and users will be able to work with more than 1000 free professional design templates which 4OVER4.COM owns, for use on their design files for all types of printing jobs including flyers, brochures, business cards, post cards, booklets, and much more. The company, which recently upgraded and totally redesigned its website to improve customer service, is showing no signs of slowing down in its race to become one of the most innovative providers of quality and affordable online printing services in the USA.

The three key advantages that a design tool of this nature presents for the customer are evident. Primarily, a tool of this nature saves cost for the customer, since there will be no need to hire a professional graphic designer to produce the proofs prior to ordering. Secondly, customers have more control over the final design of their proofs, as they can perform real-time edits for a final design that is as close as possible to what they want. Additionally, a tool like this will add a fun dimension to the online printing process, as customers will inevitably find it to be an interesting way to print online.

The 4OVER4.COM online design tool will be delivered in a highly effective and intuitive way, using features that are familiar from common proprietary design software, so customers will be able to use the tool with little or no difficulty. The online design application features a standard suite of design tools is integrated with the website to simplify its use.

For the convenience of its customers, 4OVER4.COM spared no expense to ensure that only leading web application technologies were used in the development of the multipurpose online design tool, which will soon go live on the 4OVER4.COM website. The 4OVER4.COM online design tool is built with Flash ActionScript 3 to ensure highly effective real-time animation and design effects. Technologies like PHP, CodeIgniter, Apache and MySQL were also used to develop the free design tool, which works well on Windows and Linux OS platforms, and is also cross-browser compatible (will work with Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome).

Quoting a 4OVER4.COM representative about the new online design tool soon to be available on the 4OVER4.COM website:

"At 4OVER4.COM, we are relentless in our pursuit to continually innovate and introduce features that will improve service delivery and add value for our customers. This is the driving force behind the uniqueness and quality of the services we provide, and for us, the customer is king. We want every customer to experience something new and interesting every time they visit our website to order a printing job, and the total redesign of our website was only the first step in that direction."

"In addition to a completely redesigned website that now provides many optimized features that improve service delivery and the overall user experience, we plan to continuously add new tools and resources to empower our customers and make the online printing process as stress-free as possible. Right now, we are in the process of introducing a new advanced online design tool to our website, which our customers can use to design their jobs free of charge before ordering."

"The tool will save them the cost of hiring a professional graphic designer, as they will now be able to take advantage of our over 3,000 free professional design templates and the full suite of standard design procedures and operations available on our tool. The tool is intuitive and easy to use, and is similar in function to common proprietary design software, so there is virtually no learning curve to go through. 4OVER4.COM customers will now be able to save money and have a little fun while ordering quality and affordable printing services from us."

4OVER4 Customers are advised to check the 4OVER4.COM website regularly for updates about the new online design tool, which is scheduled to go live in the coming weeks. Interested parties can visit, email, or call 1 718 932 2700 for more information.


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About 4OVER4.COM 

4OVER4.COM a pre-eminent New York City printing firm is a Green Printing Company based in Astoria, New York, and one of the first online printing companies in the United States. 4OVER4.COM provides unmatched technical and customer support and instant online pricing and ordering for full color printing services. Since 1999, 4OVER4.COM has offered free expert file review and free online proofs without any obligation to purchase. As a company, we are strongly oriented towards sustainable environmental renewal, and we are happy to lead the way with environmentally and socially responsible printing practices and projects.