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First GLBT Network Millionaire: May Be Readying for Ultimate Incentive

Industry watchers noted’s parent company, Advocate USA, LLC, purchased ACI Insurance from Interactive Promotions for major sweepstakes.  These purchases almost always mean an announcement of a major sweepstakes for an organization or promotion.

“Yes, we have something very big about to happen for our members.  We are not yet ready to announce the exact details, however, they will be firmed up by the end of the month.  We are going to try to be the first site to make a millionaire out of a member,” says Reece Manley, Managing Member.

The site has been undergoing major changes as it prepared for its hard launch.  Making a member a millionaire would certainly qualify for a first in the industry.  However, the site is not currently getting enough hits to logically set the endeavor for such a large participation sweepstakes.

“We’re going to be doing things differently, just like we’ve been doing from day one.  First off, we maintain a strict non-porn policy.  Again, there is nothing wrong with it, we just believe there should be one networking site committed to education and advocacy rather than trying to make the biggest bucks out of the world by exploiting our members,” adds Manley.

The website is currently announcing a “countdown” to The Big Event online.  What that might be is still anybody’s guess.  “What I will say is that we have partnered with Red Carpet Marketing in Las Vegas for site promotion and growth.  Everything else will be revealed on the launch date,” says Reece Manley. is the fastest growing non-porn, pro-education GLBT Networking site on the Internet.  “We’ve accomplished what very few attempts at online sites have accomplished because of the dedication of our members.”  GLBTQ persons and their allies are welcome to sign up at


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