Press release - Celebrates Three Months as Premier GLBT Social Site has been up and running without dipping into the porn industry in any manner for ninety days and has been given a Golden Halo by Services for their efforts.  “It may be true that sex sells, but that’s not what we’re about here at,” says founder Reece Manley.  “Of course, there is nothing wrong with sex, in fact it’s a wonderful thing, but we are trying to stay above the waistline for our place on the Net.” first come onto the scene in 2003 where it was briefly a “yearbook” for the gay and lesbian bars of Dallas, Texas.  When major venues pulled out, the URL languished until founder Reece Manley happened upon the Google Analytics showing the site receiving over 100,000 hits in 2008 for nothing other than plugging in the URL to see if it existed.

“I felt really, really stupid,” admits Reece. “But, we’ve put it a great site online and have some incredible surprises in store for our users.”  Currently, features a celebrity political blogger, free astrological videos, online polls that affect the community and interest groups for everything from writers to transgendered persons.  “If a user arrives and can’t find their niche, they can create it and know that stands behind their concept. is free to GLBT persons and any and all are encourage to come make a home on the award.  The Golden Halo will be featured on the site and was given for “advocacy and intellectual encouragement of the GLBT community”. can be accessed as



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