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SNOZ Releases New Album "Life of SNOZ"

Artist Delivers His Message of Hope and Inspiration to His Listeners

Los Angeles, CA - December 19, 2018 – Producer/rapper/singer SNOZ wishes he made some different choices in his past. With his new album "Life of SNOZ," the rapper is able to use his music as a way to educate his listeners and help them make good choices for themselves.

Struggles, dreams, and ambitions are all on full display throughout the sixteen tracks on the album, giving fans a very personal glimpse into the artist’s soul. SNOZ once felt like his life wasn’t going according to his plans, but once he came up with the idea for "Life of Snoz" he felt like anything was possible, and wants to spread that message of hope to his listeners. SNOZ proves that being adaptable and resilient pays off in the end.

The album uses storytelling to reel listeners in. The first track, "Sundays" takes you back to your Sunday School days and contrasts how we make decisions as adults. "Do It My Way" is about believing in yourself, even if you’re starting from the bottom. "Yoga Anthem" provides listeners with a calm, meditative mindset and reminds us all to take care of ourselves with Yoga and hydration.

SNOZ produced most of the tracks on the album. His brother BREEZ also collaborated. The track "Yoga Anthem" was produced by Jupiter.

"I had some really hard times while growing up and made a lot of mistakes. I didn’t finish my education and got mixed up with some bad friends, a decision I am still trying to fix every day.
But I had this call to put out so much positivity to the world, and when I do I will be peaceful," SNOZ says about his drive to create music.

The album "Life of Snoz" is available on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, DistroKid and Deezer. A new project, "Life of Snoz Extra," which he collaborated on with his brother BREEZ will be available soon.

About SNOZ

SNOZ is a multi-talented artist. Born in Nigeria and currently based in Malaysia, he has overcome many obstacles to become the artist he is today, expressing his message through modeling as well as producing and creating music. Although he dropped out of college, he used the time to hone his craft and grow his fanbase. His current project, "The Life of SNOZ" is available now. You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, or go to his official website. 


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