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Physician/Biomedical Engineer Use New Method for Creating Affordable Custom Arch Supports

December 20, 2010 - Thanks to, individuals don’t have to spend a lot of money taking care of their feet as Dr. Jeffery Davies has designed a new method that is used to manufacture arch supports that are wallet friendly. He is a family physician as well as a biomedical engineer who has studied the problems that cause foot pain as well as solution to the foot pain.

Getting arch supports is now a very simple process with Here one will find supports that have been designed by a family physician and biomedical engineer to ensure they are available in the market at affordable prices so that many people can use them to avoid feet problems. Dr. Davies explained that he sees very many patients suffering from a damaged joint which is one of the reasons that motivated him to come up with the new design for the arch support. He went further to explain that foot problems could result in hip, knee and back pains therefore people are encouraged to use the supports to avoid such.

The arch supports are guaranteed to relieve any pains that the individual is suffering from. If the arch supports fail to relieve the pain, one gets their money back. They come with a one year guarantee that gives individuals ample time to test and see whether they really work. has 3 custom styles where one can pick the one they prefer including standard arch support that only goes for $ 69. This claims to provide definitive support for all the arches of the foot and can be used with any shoes with minimal displacement. ¾ foot cushions arch supports costing $89. This claims to offer shock resistance and ultimate support for the foot. Full foot cushion arch support- this cost $109 and claims to provide shock resistance against heel strike and supporting all the arches with minimal displacement.

The sales manager Keith Daniels explained that the company has been recording high sales since people have discovered the benefits of the arch support. He went ahead to say that the company is committed to providing the best and most affordable arch supports in the market. This is meant to reduce the bills that people have to pay on remedies for foot pain by providing a long term solution for foot care and quality foot pain relief. alleges that their products are used to stop several conditions like pain from deformed toes, fallen or high arches, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, flat feet and metatarsalgia. They also used to provide balance and stability for the foot.


This is a reputable company that provides individuals with the proper arch supports they need to take care of their foot health effectively. These are made from high quality material and are very effective and can be used by most people with foot pain. The company assures that their products are effective and offers money back guarantee to everyone who does not get the desired results. To get more details on the amazing products please visit:


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