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There were times when builders thought that the maximum stories that can be constructed is no more than 5. Builders belonging to the previous era aren’t that foolish to think that way as they only used heavy building materials like rock and brick to construct their structures, until they invented structural steel.

We all know how structural steel rewrote the history about tall buildings. However, building steel structures is no joke as it requires meticulous planning, vision and art combined to form these metal buildings that are elegant and durable., whose offices are located in Colorado Springs are in the steel are specialists in metal buildings and supply all types of steel buildings materials needed to builders throughout USA and several international locations. Since the company does volume purchase, they are able to save lot of money which they share it with the customers by offering the steel builders affordable steel building materials.

The company has over 50 years of experience in supplying materials for steel buildings and helps construct all types of metal buildings from sports arenas to beautiful churches. The steel building items supplied by is pre engineered, which helps the builder to save costs big time in the form of labor charges.

Customers who are interested can call their toll free number (1-800-793-8555) and an experienced customer service representative will help you choose the right steel building based on the inputs you provide them. The representatives at are so smart that they are capable of providing basic information like the price of a material to a complete Pre-sale design review.

You can request a free custom quote for your metal buildings either by calling the customer support or by filling the form present at their custom quote page.

With economic recession forcing companies to charge people for the pettiest of things, companies like are one of the few kind hearted people to offer quotes and suggestions for free!


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SteelBuildingSupplier is committed to delivering the best value in steel buildings for our customers. For projects ranging from workshop buildings to large warehouses, SteelBuildingSupplier customers benefit from our knowledgeable staff and our belief that customers deserve to receive courteous and timely help through every step of the process, from planning a purchase through assembling a building.