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Article Submission Review Has Posted Its 25th Review

May 10, 2010 - The Article Submission Review website that focuses on internet marketing reviews for tools and software that make article submission simpler and easier has posted its 25th review. The 25th review was a review of the article spinning tool known as Rapid Rewriter. As stated earlier it is an article spinner or in layman's terms, a type of software that makes it easier to churn out different versions of the same article to simply article distribution. This ensures that each article submitted to each directory, blog or website is unique because submitting the same article wont pack the same punch. Of course, this is all part of your article marketing strategy for increasing site traffic through the proper use of longtail keywords and linkbuilding.

There are four basic kinds of products that are reviewed in the Article Submission Review blog site. The primary product that is reviewed is, of course, the article submitter or article submission software. This is a kind of program that automates the submission of articles to different directories, blogs or sites. If you plan to submit articles to hundreds of directories, you will really appreciate the importance of this software. Assuming that it would take you two minutes at the bare minimum to submit an article to one site, submitting just one article to 1,000 sites will require 2,000 minutes or 33 hours and 20 minutes. It will take you more than four days to do this, assuming that you work eight hours a day. With article submission software, you need not even spend more than a few minutes because after you have done the initial setup, such as signing up to each directory or website, these programs will login to each site and submit an article all by itself.

Another kind of product that is reviewed in Article Submission Review is the blog network, which is a group of blog sites that exchange articles as a way to establish back links. Of course, each network has its own set of rules to follow to ensure that the articles are posted on blogs with topics that are related to the articles.

The third type of product that is evaluated on the website is the article spinner, which is considered as an article submission tool and often goes hand in hand with article submission software.

Finally, the last category is the keyword research tool, which is designed to assist the Internet marketer in choosing the best keywords to focus their articles on. A typical strategy here is to select those keywords or phrases that have less competition.

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