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Out of the Gate Author A.D. Grill Announces His New Book “Beverly Hills Diary: Journey Through The Mind of a Boy”

New York, New York (July 6, 2011)- Author A.D. Grill, (, announced today the official release of his first out of the gate novel titled “Beverly Hills Diary: A Journey Through The Mind Of A Boy” (ISBN: 9781935097433). Priced at 14.00 for the paperback version and $9.99 electronically for Kindle, the exciting fictional read is officially brought to market via Two Harbors Press is currently available for purchase on popular sites and within bookstores such as and more.


Beverly Hills Diary: A Journey Through The Mind Of A Boy’s storyline focuses on a young Peruvian/Jewish/Californian immigrant boy named Julian growing up in 1960’s Beverly Hills as a part of a dysfunctional family, a stark contrast to Beverly Hills.  Although the main character Julian finds comfort with his three friends that are like "family" finds friendship in the form of a street gang, he chooses to run away from home to find a new form of happiness.  After embarking on his escape, he realizes the life of a vagabond does not offer the happiness he dreamed of and returns to Beverly Hills only to be shipped off to boarding school by his parents on a remote island. The novel explores whether Julian can find the happiness at home that he desperately craves, or if he must remain a vagabond and lost young man forever in search of a better life.       


 “I wrote this novel because I wanted to portray a gritty version of the 1960’s, the exciting viewpoint” states A.D. Grill author of Beverly Hills Diary: A Journey Through The Mind Of A Boy.  “I did not want to portray the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills during the era like the public normally sees as a common portrayal. There were tons of people during that time that were not satisfied with the hand that they were dealt as with every era. They were desperately looking for a better life, and I wanted my novel to express that through the eyes of a boy.  Julian’s quest is similar to what I experienced growing up however within the novel the expansion on the angles of the character is drastic and dazzling. It was not a boring era and this is definitely not a boring novel.”     


A.D Grill’s 592-page young adult novel creation not only explores the nomadic lifestyle that was extremely prevalent in the 1960’s, but Grill’s realism is showcased throughout the narrative, even as Julian’s journey takes him to stranger places. The novel is considered a fictional work however does examine what life was like when Grill grew up in Los Angeles as a Californian Peruvian Jew


“The story of a Peruvian/Jewish/Californian immigrant boy from his childhood to high school graduation is told with flair and imagination. The boy’s troubles land him in some predictably nasty places and one hopes that ‘falling in love’ will be the beginning of the end of loneliness for him.” - Elizabeth Marvin Mulholland, author of Surviving High Society.


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About A.D. Grill


Author A.D. Grill was born in Lima, Peru.  He grew up in Los Angeles with his parents, who were Holocaust survivors from Romania.  He graduated from U.C.L.A. College, and attended Antioch Law School.  According to Grill, did not like the legal system so instead he went into commercial real estate. He has since moved on from that enterprise.  Now, Grill is a writer/entrepreneur, “searching for a wife full time.” Follow AD Grill on twitter at , or become a fan of his Facebook page at .



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