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Enjoy Boca Raton Golf Vacations at Courtside Villas

Boca Raton, Florida, USA, May 4, 2010- Courtside Villas would be just the ideal place to go out for a vacation. It would be the perfect place for family outing as it is located in South Florida. It would serve the right purpose for business traveler as well. These villas also have Evert Tennis Academy. Families visiting Boca Raton Golf Vacations can easily relate to this academy and enjoy the hospitality.

The Boca Raton Golf Vacations has the following amazing country club as its part:

1. Boca Woods Country Club: These woods were amongst the first woods built at Boca Raton Golf clubs. This was designed by famous golf course designer of the time, Joe Lee. This designer had designed over 200 World Class Championship Golf courses and one of them is renowned Blue Monster which is located at Doral Resort in Miami, Florida. Boca Woods Country Club golf course has distinct characteristics like gentle doglegs, its elevation, fast sloping greens and systematic positioning of many bunkers throughout 18 broad fairways which are in wonderful condition.

2. Boca Lago Country Club: This country club has one of the best golf courses and is optimum for Florida Golf Vacations. It has one of the most flawless golf courses in the state. It is maintained very nicely. This golf course was designed by Bruce Devlin and Robert Von Haggee. They have designed the golf course in such a manner that it would be a challenge for both beginners and passionate golfers. It offers best service representing the best golf operations. You can rest under ancient trees in magnificent landscapes. This place is also home for many animals and birds. You can find lot of wildlife around. It easily covers over 51 acres of lakesand ponds whicha re exactly like mirror. This is one of the best places which can be listed in Boca Raton Golf Vacations.

3. Boca Raton Municipal City Golf: Boca Raton maneuvers two exceptional golf facilities in order to serve Boca Raton residents. They also serve the guests with general public. The Boca Raton Municipal Golf Course, Championship and Executive Courses are situated on Golf Course Road which is north of Glades Road. The other golf course The Red Reef Park Executive Golf Course is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. This helps in increasing recreation for people staying around. At the same time people don’t have to strive much for golfing experience.

Other Florida Golf Vacations include Boca Dunes Country Club. This is newly renovated and also has clubhouse championship golf course. It spans more than 7000 yards. Hence after knowing about so many options for golfers, Boca Raton Golf Vacations would certainly be an enjoyable experience.

About Courtside Villa:

Courtside Villa Suites offer personalized golf vacations. They have exclusive accommodation with 1 bedroom, 2-bedrooms and 3 bedrooms. They offer all these for reasonable price and you can enjoy your Florida Golf Vacations happily.

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