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Quit Smoking Tips: Quit Now, Quit Immediately

Children want to rank with their adult seniors when they are just teens. This is the time when they start smoking tobacco. When they grow up they are told that smoking tobacco may cause devastation in their life and in the lives of those who surround them. Not that they do not always accept the truth behind this information. They just fail to quit smoking habit. Will they pay attention to the quit smoking tips submitted below?

It is the time when smokers come to know how tobacco with its nicotine creates terrifying trouble in the life of the smokers and also how the smokes affect the people close to them who are hapless children in most of the cases. This has been possible for constant campaign throughout the world by the Good Samaritan of the recent years. It has not been possible still to change the mind of most of the people who have been enslaved by the intriguing spell of nicotine.

People in different countries have tried to shift to another type of addiction in order to get rid of the habit of smoking tobacco. This has also been prescribed by good number of people who want that tobacco smoking must be stopped. The practice has become counter-productive as the smokers of tobacco have also embraced the new-found addiction as lovingly as they have loved the running one.

Some of the smokers are intelligent and they have suggested that they will surely quit smoking tobacco and that they will do this slowly and gradually. This prescription has strength to be catchy. This allowed the smokers to remain with the old habit but with limited access. It has become established that nicotine has been successful in overpowering them. These smokers have failed to hit the target.

Smoking cigarettes and its alternatives must be prohibited on the strength of law in all public places and people who are not in favor of this hell-bound addiction must be protected legally if they raise their voice of protest against smoking even in private places. It must be legally compulsory for all types of media, electronics and printing both, to campaign everyday against smoking of tobacco. It must be announced time and again that smoking cigarettes is to invite cancerous disease or to invite death practically.

Knowledge about smoking cigarettes has been accumulated and this should be properly taken to the doors of the smokers and the smokers must be encouraged to exchange views in respect of their smoking habit. Finally it is the smokers only who can develop strong desire to quit such deadly habit, habit of smoking tobacco.


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