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Calgary,Alberta May 01, 2010 - haron Scott launches her family – friendly childcare center’s access all over Canada. It offers a complete family atmosphere for children when one or both parents expect that their absence should not affect their lovable kids mentally and physically. It gives care to children who come under 1-16 years of age groups.

There are three types of childcare or daycare. They are in-home care, family childcare and child care centers. In many families belonging to the western countries, we find that one parent or both the parents will be employed .In such situations ,taking care of the child is always a stressful and challenging issue. Childcare connect is the best choice for these parents.

In in-home care type the family can hire a nanny or all-pair to take of their child or children. They are bound to grow in a confined place .It has a negative impact on the child’s mental growth, because there is no enough facility for the child to mingle and play with other children. Moreover ,it not a necessity for the care givers to produce their license or certificate. So, the parents cannot make sure if she is qualified to undertake the job. On the other hand, it has an advantage also. Though this type is quiet expensive ,it would be a better choice for a family with many children.

In family childcare, the child is taken care in caregiver’s home .the number of children in a home will be at a minimum. This allows the care giver to spend more time with each child thus enhancing a homely attitude in a the child .It can easily come out of the feel away from home .The timings are flexible,which enables the parents to leave their children and take them back at their convenience It is also back at their convenience .It is also less expensive when compared to the other types .But again ,the parents have to under go a through investigation about the care-giver ,the house and atmosphere.

In daycare centers, qualified and designated care-gives take care of the children. Here ,they accommodate many number of children that depends upon the state licensing requirements .These regulations which cannot be modified according to the parents convenience .In certain offices or companies, where the parents are employed, child care facilities are offered by the employer .But the parents who work for other companies have to search the nearest child care center.

Early care and education ECE is mandatory in child care centre. It depends upon the child’s age and skills. The quality of education also varies accordingly to the standard of centers .Some provide preschool education for children aged from 3 and 4 years. The child can improve its vocabulary and reading skills.

This childcare centre helps to ease the mothers by helping them nurture their children in the nearest centers of good standards. It has spread its branches to almost all the states of Canada. You can submit your own article about childcare in this website and advertise with them.

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