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ComboApp introduces purely scalable education with World Academy Online

Vancouver, Canada - ComboApp Educational Publishing and Marketing Agency is quietly reshaping the way professionals experience their educational advancement. By adopting the Freemium model of app monetization, these innovative organizations have been able to offer tangible learning solutions to consumers at either little or no cost – especially when compared to conventional education methods – that users are able to utilize from anywhere on their own schedules. This innovation will soon make its way strictly from the mobile arena and onto the World Wide Web via World Academy Online, ComboApp’s premiere web based business education hub.


Freemium monetization means that the organization’s learning modules will be scalable, and can either be utilized to their full free extent, or even further by purchasing additional premium features for a fee. Applying this established virtual product structure to the educational frontier is a natural decision because student themselves are divided between those who are only seeking a light supplement to their education and those who are interested in receiving a full learning experience that teaches them business skills from their basic foundations onwards. Keeping this in mind, the Freemium model allows for the majority of students to receive the education they want at no cost whatsoever without alienating the minority of students who require – and subsequently are in the market for – the type of fully featured learning experience that ComboApp’s paid learning solutions offer. Specifically, these learning solutions entail MBA style courses, financial concept overviews, and other business focuses important to aspiring management professionals, entrepreneurs, as well as engaged individuals from a wide variety of other professional fields.


Among the boldest expansions of this learning model being undertaken by ComboApp is World Academy Online (WAO), their recently unveiled web based professional education hub. This revolutionary web school utilizes a modular educational model that offers all of their course contents to be viewed for free by any and all register users. Only those users who wish to be actively taught and tested via WAO pay for the school’s services. These student pay for an interactive learning experience that can either run on a class-by-class basis or in a modular fashion much as any conventional professional skills program that covers more than one subject focus at once. If and when students successfully complete a class they are awarded with individual certificates of completion and expertise. After completing a full certification program though, they receive a certification of expertise in a full business focus.


By utilizing this system, World Academy Online ensures that no students will pay for services they don’t want, or ones they don’t need. Simultaneously through this same structure though, those students who choose to utilize the school to its full potential can learn with the confidence of knowing that they haven’t been bunched together into a one size fits all educational system that attempts to appease every demographic of students instead of specifically catering to the different needs of each one. ComboApp set out to create an educational atmosphere where learning paradigms were set by the user rather than the institution. Building on the maxims of the freemium model of app monetization and applying them to education, they were able to do just that.



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