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Compound Stock Earnings to Hold the 2010 Masters Class in Fort Worth Texas

The 2010 Masters Class will be held September 11th and 12th in downtown Fort Worth at the brand new Omni Hotel. The Masters Class is special, a once a year, seminar moderated by Compound Stock Earnings, but presented by clients of Compound Stock Earnings.  Each year Compound Stock Earnings identifies four, or five, of the highest achieving clients who are practicing our Covered Call, LEAPS and now Credit Spread techniques. The clients we identify have years of experience with the technique and have developed enhancements or variants to the rules that they use to make the process more efficient and allow for higher returns. We then ask these clients to each present for half a day at the Masters Class explaining exactly what they do on a daily basis to effectuate these above average returns. As always, the Masters Class will be a 2-Day Seminar with great social activities for networking (cocktail parties and dinners).

The Masters Class is a 2-Day Seminar that is moderated by Compound Stock Earnings, buti s presented by four or five of the highest returning long-term CSE clients. The reason CSE hold this seminar annually is that over the years CSE has developed so many long-term clients who have mastered the Covered Call / LEAPS / Credit Spread techniques.

Each client has different objectives and does things a little differently - some are more conservative or aggressive, some invest solely for growth rather than income, some place more influence on charts than others, some use more advanced charting techniques, some look further at company fundamentals before investing, some even develop new techniques that then become an official part of the CSE process (e.g. Advanced Charting and Credit Spreads). These long-term clients all work within the basic framework of our rules, but they add small additions along the way to meet their individual circumstances and goals.

Some of Compound Stock Earnings :

Greg Beauchamp – CSE client for 4 years

Keith Frampton – CSE client for 3 ½ years

Richard Reardon – CSE client for 3 ½ years



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