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Spinal Stenosis Treated with X-Ray Guided "Mini Saw"

Los Angeles, CA - Dr. Clive Segil, a Los Angeles orthopaedic surgeon is performing a minimally invasive procedure to treat lumbar & "foraminal" spinal stenosis, which account for 1.5 million office visits per year and are among the most common reasons to have spine surgery. The "Foramina" are nerve openings in the lumbar spine; when bone spurs or growth compress the nerves, pain and other debilitating complications occur.

Dr. Segil explains that the procedure uses the iO-Flex™ System in which a very small incision is made and a miniature flexible saw is used by the surgeon, guided with x-ray imagery to perform decompression from the inside out. The procedure takes about an hour and has a shorter recovery time than conventional surgical decompression procedures. 

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If a patient doesn't respond to conservative treatment, the conventional surgical approach has been an extensive procedure called a "decompressive laminectomy" in which the bone structures at the back of the spine are removed to alleviate pressure on the nerves caused by the stenosis, or narrowing of the spinal nerve openings.



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