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10 years of research supports Norwegian Sensometrics Technology.

More than 30 scientific publications and clinical studies of various groups of patients, in different clinical settings, reveal that there is considerable potential for improvement in the measurement of blood pressure (ABP) and intracranial pressure (ICP). This potential for improvement affects the diagnostic information, treatment and management of large groups of patients.

Sensometrics® Technology addresses these challenges and improves intracranial pressure (ICP) measurement and blood pressure (ABP) measurement and has proven to be particularly useful for patients with stroke, hydrocephalus and other neurological conditions with abnormal intracranial pressure (ICP).

A crucial observation from clinical studies is that Sensometrics® may discover abnormal pressures in situations where traditional methodology reveals normal pressure. This can occur in as many as 50 % of patients who are in need of intracranial pressure (ICP) measurement. Sensometrics® Technology helps physicians obtain better diagnosis, uncovering disease and ensuring that patients receive the necessary treatment.


Although it has taken physicians more than 10 years to collect convincing documentation, the results are considered to be revolutionary. Particularly because hospitals in Norway and around the world are having to re-evaluate their current pressure measurement methods. Sensometrics® Technology makes it possible to measure pressures (intracranial pressure (ICP) and blood pressure) in a completely new way that is more secure, safer and with completely new diagnostic value. Based on the remarkable results from scientific publications, dPCom is anticipating a new era for intracranial (ICP) and blood pressure measurements.

See for more information and a complete list of scientific publications.


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dPCom A/S is a Norwegian medical technology company, which allows healthcare professionals to safely and accurately monitor pressures in patients. The company has developed a new innovative technology that significantly improves the diagnostic information from invasive and non-invasive pressure measurements, focusing on intracranial pressure (ICP) and blood pressure (ABP). The new method is suitable for use in intensive care units (ICU) for the monitoring of brain disease/injury, and for diagnostic pressure monitoring in general. Sensometrics® Technology significantly improves pressure diagnostics for healthcare professionals and has a leading role in non-invasive intracranial pressure diagnostics.

dPCom A/S was founded in 2001 after physicians at The National Hospital (Rikshospitalet) in Oslo discovered problems with traditional pressure monitoring methodology. A series of clinical studies have since been carried out, and numerous scientific articles documenting the weaknesses of traditional measuring methods have been published.

Sensometrics® Software is compatible with several industrial pressure measuring devices, and is CE certified and has received US clearance from the FDA. The technology is protected by several patents.
Sensometrics® and Always safe pressure diagnostics™ are registered trademarks.


Trond Stadheim/CEO
dPCom A/S

Sensometrics® Technology provides safe diagnostic information from intracranial and blood pressure monitoring. The technology is of particular significance for the management of patients with hydrocephalus, head injury, stroke, dementia, chronic headache, brain tumors, and diseases caused by arterial hypertension. Sensometrics® Technology identifies the cardiac-induced pressure waves from various locations, including non-invasive surface locations, and is the leading technology today for dynamic invasive and non-invasive pressure monitoring.


Trond Stadheim

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