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dPCom patents innovative method of pressure measurement.

dPCom has been granted 10 patents in the United States, Europe and Asia that include a unique methodology (Sensometrics ® Technology) for pressure measurement and analysis. Especially unique is the method for non-invasive measurement of intracranial pressure (ICP). In addition to the 10 approved patents there are several patents pending.

The patents are based on an innovative method for processing pressure signals from the body. Sensometrics® Technology is crucial for the management of patients with hydrocephalus, dementia and migraine, as well as patients in need of intensive care surveillance (ICU), such as patients with stroke or brain injury, wherein intracranial pressure (ICP) may be increased.

“Our method is unique, protected, and the only method that provides safe measurement of pressures based on the recognition of cardiac-induced single pressure waves,” concludes Trond Stadheim, CEO of dPCom A/S.

Sensometrics® Technology is protected by the following patents:

US Patents


Europe/Asia Patents

  • EP 1,555,935
  • JP 4315321
  • JP 4384047
  • AU 2002241604
  • KR 10-0888765
  • IN 227663

Other patents pending.


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  • intensive care surveillance
  • arterial hypertension
  • blood pressure
  • brain tumors
  • dementia
  • dynamic/pulsatile pressure
  • head injury
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dPCom A/S is a Norwegian medical technology company, which allows healthcare professionals to safely and accurately monitor pressures in patients. The company has developed a new innovative technology that significantly improves the diagnostic information from invasive and non-invasive pressure measurements, focusing on intracranial pressure (ICP) and blood pressure (ABP). The new method is suitable for use in intensive care units (ICU) for the monitoring of brain disease/injury, and for diagnostic pressure monitoring in general. Sensometrics® Technology significantly improves pressure diagnostics for healthcare professionals and has a leading role in non-invasive intracranial pressure diagnostics.

dPCom A/S was founded in 2001 after physicians at The National Hospital (Rikshospitalet) in Oslo discovered problems with traditional pressure monitoring methodology. A series of clinical studies have since been carried out , and numerous scientific articles documenting the weaknesses of traditional measuring methods have been published.

Sensometrics® Software is compatible with several industrial pressure measuring devices, and is CE certified and has received US clearance from the FDA. The technology is protected by several patents.
Sensometrics® and Always safe pressure diagnostics™ are registered trademarks.


Trond Stadheim/CEO
dPCom A/S

Sensometrics® Technology provides safe diagnostic information from intracranial and blood pressure monitoring. The technology is of particular significance for the management of patients with hydrocephalus, head injury, stroke, dementia, chronic headache, brain tumors, and diseases caused by arterial hypertension. Sensometrics® Technology identifies the cardiac-induced pressure waves from various locations, including non-invasive surface locations, and is the leading technology today for dynamic invasive and non-invasive pressure monitoring.


Trond Stadheim

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