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iPhone 4 Repair Service while you wait now available at Dr. Cell Phone Sugar Land Missouri City, TX

Somethings are sweeter than sugar, thats what many residents in Sugar Land and surrounding areas are feeling.  Iphone 4 cracked screens, home button issues, iPhone 4 charging and syncing problems, are all problems many residents of Sugar Land are feeling day in and day out.  Iphone users are constantly using their phones, browsing, writing email, taking pictures, sending text messages, and talking on the phone. This makes them very prone to misuse, dropping, scratching, and in some cases, throwing!  Blank white screens, the miserable crack on the iPhone 4 glass, and in the worst cases liquid damage, are all common problems that need repair solutions, and the need is right here in Sugar Land, TX.   

Well established repair centers can repair these issues with the iPhone 4.  These repair stores all also work on iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, Android Phones, HTC Evos, and Apple MacBooks.  Dr. Cell Phone, with locations now in Sugar Land, Houston, and Cypress, fills this need for iPhone 4 repairs.  Repairs are done on the spot in most cases.  Customers of Apple, Verizon and AT&T in the Sugar Land, TX area only have to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour for iPhone 4 cracked screen repairs. Dr. Cell Phone has been in business for five years serving the needs of customers all around the world with extensive cell phone, blackberry, and iPhone repair services.   

The iPhone 4 repair services in Sugar Land, TX at Dr. Cell Phone  are done while customers wait. “Sugar Land, TX is a great community, hard working Americans who need to get back to their families, friends, and work, said John (the manager of Dr. Cell Phone franchises in Houston, TX) when asked what differentiates them from other repair centers around the US,“some repairs take longer due to the nature of the damage, but for the most part all iPhone repairs are done on the spot.”   

About Dr. Cell Phone Sugar Land

Dr. Cell Phone Sugar Land, Houston, and Cypress provides customers with cell phone and portable electronic repair services. Walk in and while you wait repairs are available for most cell phones More information about Dr. Cell Phone' repair services can be found by visiting their website at  By bridging the gap between cell phone manufacturers/carriers and the customer, Dr. Cell Phone Sugar Land helps save consumers millions of dollars every year by providing repair services that are fast and economical.


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