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Claudio Cerullo shares the Delaware Mentoring Council Proposed Vision and Focus

The Delaware Mentoring Council has led the way, unifying mentoring organizations and strengthening them with collective knowledge and resources.  The DMC has also established new collaborations within the local, county, and state in an effort to increase mentoring awareness through the State of Delaware.

The direction of the Delaware Mentoring Council will be to assist in providing every youth who could benefit from having a mentor with one, helping to propel youngsters to achieve their full potential toward the goal of becoming fulfilled and contributing members of not only the State of Delaware, but also the global economy.

In recognition of the importance of positive role models and life coaches and actualizing our vision for the youth in the State of Delaware, the DMC members along with our community citizens, business, education, and civic leaders join together to:

Advocate and support the volunteer mentoring of youth, both in schools, faith-based, and community settings, with in the State of Delaware, through the formulation of strategies and leveraging of both human and financial resources.  The DMC will also develop and implement new mentoring programs across the state, maintain high quality standards for mentoring programs and practitioners, along with providing mentoring and tutoring training workshops for all mentoring practitioners. The Delaware Mentoring Council will help ensure that well-trained tutor/mentors are volunteering in well managed programs that serve Delaware’s children and youth.

Claudio Cerullo, Director, DMC


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About Dr. Claudio Cerullo
Dr. Claudio V. Cerullo possesses more than seventeen-years experience in education. With six years teaching in Social Science Education. Dr. Claudio Cerullo earned his Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Social Science Education where he was elected President of the Student Government and Education Association. Dr. Cerullo earned his Master's Degree in Professional Elementary and Secondary Education with his concentration in Educational Administration, earned his Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Administration and has attended educational leadership training in Diversity/Multi-Cultural Education through Harvard University's Graduate School of Education.