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Dr. Claudio Cerullo announces award for WSFS and JP Morgan Chase banks for Youth Mentoring

Wilmington, DE, January 2009-- The Delaware Mentoring Council will award the first annual Thomas R. Carper Award for Youth Mentoring: Business Community to WSFS and JP Morgan Chase and Co. Bank. The award will be presented at a National Mentoring Month event at the Baby Grand Opera House in Wilmington on January 27th, 2009. The selection of both WSFS and JP Morgan Chase was based on their model of corporate community service and the dedication of their employees in mentoring the youth of Stubbs Middle School in the Christina School District and Forest Oakes Elementary School in the Red Clay School District.

The Delaware Mentoring Council (DMC) is awarding both WSFS and JP Morgan Chase Banks for encouraging their employees to become involved with the students of both Stubbs Middles School and Forest Oakes Elementary Schools through one-on-one mentoring. Additionally, both programs have secured additional funds to help support mentoring throughout the State of Delaware. Both JP Morgan Chase & Co. and WSFS have worked closely with the administration at both schools to ensure that the programs also follow the basic mentoring standards for safe and effective mentoring as identified by the DMC.  

"We are honoring both WSFS and JP Morgan Chase and Co., based on their extraordinary support and commitment to mentoring of Delaware's youth as a method of helping youth realize their full potential," said Claudio Cerullo, Ph.D., Director of the Delaware Mentoring Council. "The example set by their management and outreach team in support of mentoring reflects the type of top-down approach and volunteer commitment to community service, and the mentoring initiative in particular, that is critical for a successful program. We are very proud to honor both WSFS and JP Morgan Chase & Co., and hope to offer this model to other businesses as an example of how to truly make a difference for all children in the State of Delaware."

Both WSFS and JP Morgan Chase & Co., have furthered supported the children of Delaware though their active involvement as members of the Greater Wilmington Mentoring Commission, a partnership with Mayor James M. Baker (City of Wilmington) and the Delaware Mentoring Council.  This commission was established to help the children in the city by providing additional support both human and financial.


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Dr. Claudio V. Cerullo possesses more than seventeen-years experience in education. With six years teaching in Social Science Education. Dr. Claudio Cerullo earned his Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Social Science Education where he was elected President of the Student Government and Education Association. Dr. Cerullo earned his Master's Degree in Professional Elementary and Secondary Education with his concentration in Educational Administration, earned his Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Administration and has attended educational leadership training in Diversity/Multi-Cultural Education through Harvard University's Graduate School of Education.