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Maricopa Cop Martice Berry of EEP addresses need for executive protection

Internationally, incidents of violence against Americans have been increasing for decades including acts ranging from violent robbery to kidnapping and terrorism.

Busy executives may have well planned schedules, but set routines can become a big vulnerability, individuals anxious to retaliate against their job loss, or those seeking attention for a cause have only to observe the daily habits of their target to determine the best time to attack. This is a real concern in today's environment. Habits like driving the same route to work, parking in the same location and using unguarded building entrances can make an executive a target for assault or even kidnapping.

"Today’s global executives and other high-profile individuals are faced with unprecedented corporate and personal risks requiring a higher level of security planning, coordination and management thoroughness. Providing unobtrusive but effective levels of protection while at work, home or during travel is paramount," said Martice beryy, President of EEP.


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Elite Executive Protection & Ground Transportation LLC (EEP), founded in 2002 by a team of police officers with over 27 combined years of law enforcement experience, is a multifaceted executive protection and ground transportation company. EEP offers comprehensive protection services, executive protection and threat management for VIP, corporate, commercial, industrial, entertainment, residential and retail clients.