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Martice Berry of EEP offers the importance of proper planning and integration

A close connection with the principal and his or her inner circle: spouse, executive assistant, drivers, housekeepers, closest colleagues, and others who inhabit the protectees daily orbit. This connectedness greatly increases the EP specialists ability to protect the principal.

Another important component is access to the necessary information, such as the principals daily schedule, upcoming travel plans, both work and non-work, work activities that might generate special risk, and any odd or threatening communications.

"We see serious issues when the proper planning has been left to chance," said Martice Berry President of EEP. "Gather the facts and build a program on sound principals so that you execute in a reasonable and correct manner. Without proper planning you are placing your principal in harms way."

Executive protection is based on facilitation. You need to not only interface with your travel department they have to understand your requirements and support those abrupt changes in schedules. Closer integration leads to better protection with a smaller chance of letting a key detail slip through the cracks.


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About EEP
Elite Executive Protection & Ground Transportation LLC (EEP), founded in 2002 by a team of police officers with over 27 combined years of law enforcement experience, is a multifaceted executive protection and ground transportation company. EEP offers comprehensive protection services, executive protection and threat management for VIP, corporate, commercial, industrial, entertainment, residential and retail clients.