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Carroll Alsbury Pres. of Alsbury, Inc. focuses on rejuvenating Old Town Fort Collins

Working with lenders, investors, investment bankers, attorneys, banks, creditors, and brokers, his experience in financing, refinancing, development, construction, marketing and governmental issues, all speak to his success and ability as a real estate specialist.

His experience in the development of commercial office, retail and industrial space enables him to work with major institutional lenders, investors, stakeholders, brokers through exuberant as well as turbulent economic environments. Carroll Alsbury is a member of the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority.

Created in 1981, the Downtown Development Authority uses tax increment financing to stimulate redevelopment in the central business district. The Authority focuses on projects that have benefit for the entire community. It uses its financial resources to directly leverage private investment. Typically the DDA will partner with a developer, business owner, or property owner in a manner that "induces" a private investment in real estate improvements. The DDA's participation in such public-private partnerships ranges from a few thousand dollars to investments in excess of $5 million.

Fort Collins is a city located 60 miles north of Denver and just one hour from Denver International Airport. One of the most highly educated communities in the United States, the city is home to about 143,986 people including 26,000 students attending Colorado State University.

Old Town Square

Old Town Square is the most significant public-private partnership involving the Downtown Development Authority. Consistently voted as the single-most important attraction in the city by readers of the local newspaper, Old Town Square required a private investment of $18 million and a DDA investment of $5.7 million. The private portion of the project included the assemblage of all properties along the 100 block of Linden Street, rehabilitating some, razing some, and building new. The DDA's investment paid for the construction of a pedestrian plaza that knits the two sides of the block into a cohesive project and for a national award-winning parking garage to service the project.

Alsbury is an Alumni of Northeastern Junior College.

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