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John Petracco Owner of The Flower Farm discusses Summer flowers to plant now

However, there are also some blooms that continue into the fall season. Some individuals may want to think about incorporating these flowers into their gardens now, because it is not too late.

Cassias are one of these summer flowers that continue to brighten gardens into the September and October months, and they are also at their best in August. Cassias, which are sometimes called sennas, are yellow blooms on tall thin plants. These are easy to plant with minimum upkeep after they bloom.

Princess flowers are also beautiful summer flowers that are not used in many gardens. Each one of these buds has a big flower with large foliage surrounding it, making it a stand-out, and people will definitely look. It is more commonly found in the south, as it grows more efficiently in that climate.

These blooms can give a tropical feel to any garden, especially in the southern states where the fall seasons stays warm the longest, allowing the flowers to reach their full potential.

Summer flowers are blooming in gardens throughout the country, and some of the more popular bulbs are hydrangeas. These beautiful summer flowers are at their peak in the season, as they are in full bloom in pink, blue, and lavender colors.

Over the past 20 years, the idea of hybridizing these blooms has come into effect. Now, several different colors develop for these flowers, the news provider reports.

"A big change has been the Endless Summer (collection), which reblooms, so there isn't a first blush of color that then fades," John Petracco, owner of The Flower Farm, told the news source. "The secret to extending the season more is to cut off the old blooms as they fade and the new ones come up."

According to the Benicia Patch, hydrangeas are easy to plant and maintain. But, enthusiasts should remember that they grow larger than expected and they have large roots. Therefore, make sure not to keep them in pots for an extended period of time.

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