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Marie Larkin Owner of Celtic Irish Puppies promotes good breeding standards

Her family, actively involved in dog breeding and maintenance, endowed her with the skills to open her own breeding and importing business. After moving to New York in the mid-sixties, Marie Larkin graduated from the Dog Grooming School of Stanton at the top of her class and opened a dog grooming business.

Her reputation for kindness and extensive knowledge of canine care spread through word of mouth, and soon Marie Larkin's small operation gained momentum and size. Subsequently, Marie Larkin began breeding puppies in New York. Unhappy with the majority of American breeders and eager to use her skills in breeding and canine upkeep, Marie Larkin set out to start a breeding company that imported puppies from her homeland in Ireland.

So began Emerald Puppies, a dog breeder and importer with more than 40 years of customer satisfaction. Marie Larkin's Emerald Puppies offers smaller, hypoallergenic dog breeds including Cavaliers, Wheatens, Yorkies, Havanese, and Westies. The puppies are health checked by a certified veterinarian and hold a four-year health guarantee. Marie Larkin's catalogue of puppies is perfect for individuals with dog allergies, modestly sized residences, and those who travel frequently and desire a slightly more self-sufficient companion.

Based out of the New York City area, Emerald Puppies also offers transportation throughout North America. After customers purchase their new dog, Marie Larkin offers advice on diet and exercise. Emerald Puppies ensures that the health of the dogs is its utmost priority. In addition, the dogs are always imported from reputable Irish breeders and never from puppy mills.

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