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Sean O'Reilly CEO of Greenier Biotech East Northport chooses site for first testing facility

New York, NY- Greenier Biotechnologies has been in negotiations for several months about opening a pilot-scale plant which would allow the company to take its technology out of the laboratory and test it for commercial scale use. If successful, the company estimates that it could eventually produce 35,000 gallons of ethanol and 25,000 gallons of diesel per acre per year at a price that would be competitive with oil.

Similar biotech companies have tried mass-producing biofuel without success because of the high upfront costs of development and their reliance on land, fresh water and food crops. But, because Greenier plans to produce fuel in a new and relatively unknown method, the company is piquing the interest of others in its field.

"It will bring attention from around the country in a positive manner," Sean O'Reilly, CEO of Greenier East Northport said.

Greenier now employs 52 people and is at the forefront of the race to develop and produce biofuels that will help reduce oil dependence.

Sean O'Reilly Greenier East Northport said the company produces 7,000 gallons of ethanol per acre, per year, which puts the company at 30 percent of their full-scale goal.
Greenier engineers hope to test the technology and increase production.

The company plans to open facilities on roughly 8 acres of land. The facilities will open the first of this year and could employ up to 15 people. The company could have plants based in multiple locations by the end of next year. These areas would ideally have high solar insulation, such as in the southwestern U.S.

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