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The End is Near - Final Day for the Kickstarter The Call of Cthulhu by Lovecraft & Baranger

When Francis Thurston discovers notes left behind by his grand-uncle, he  discovers evidence of an unspeakable horror. Nightmarish visions of a colossal city that rises from the sea and a sleeping god that drives people into madness. 

The stars are right. The end is near. With one day left of the Kickstarter for THE CALL OF CHTULHU - written by legendary author H.P. Lovecraft and illustrated by the acclaimed artist François Baranger - has raised over 87,000  from over a thousand backers. The stretch goal ROLE-PLAYING GAME has been unlocked and Free League Publishing will produce a full-length role playing game with the working title "The Great Old Ones". 

The tabletop RPG will feature Baranger's art and will present a new take on Lovecraft’s stories. Once ready a PDF of the book will be included in all pledges on level HIGH PRIEST OF CTHULHU and above.

The crowdfunding campaign by Free League Publishing for the illustrated editon of THE CALL OF CHTULHU ends on Thursday, March 7, 9 PM CEST.



The Call of Cthulhu is one of the greatest classics of American horror literature and François Baranger has brought Lovecraft’ feverish nightmares to life with his bold and visionary art. It is an iconic and harrowing tale of the weakness of the human mind when confronted by powers from beyond our world.In France, the illustrated edition was a massive success and the first print run sold out within weeks.

A portion of the funds from the Kickstarter will go directly to the artist François Baranger himself and will allow him to continue his work in creating more amazing illustrations of Lovecraft’s tales.

Free League Publishing

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