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The trainers and programs of FIFA 16

Theres trainers and programs (especially on PC) that end the game, and when each side reports the score to the EA servers, the program basically says "no EA.... that other guy was saying it was a forfeit and he wins 3-0, but actually, we scored 99 goals and he scored none" and the EA servers say "oh, sure that sounds right" and gives the side using the program the win and the other side the loss

The outrageous stuff comes out when 2 exploiters meet eachother and the EA servers just give them both wins lmao

And they won't fix the issue. The cheat has been around since FIFA 12. A redditor/EA forum member actually made a anti-cheating program for it on FIFA 14 . It was a program that allowed you to see the opponents' squad and blacklist anyone who were cheating cheap fifa coins, so you won't have to play him. That program could have been implemented into the game and he also had a lot of good ideas, but they all got ignored. So he decided not to make the program for this year and left FIFA for good, because his conclusion was that EA didn't care about the user base, and he is not going to do their job for them

The trainers don't give the "loser" a loss. The game says "there has been a problem..." and you get returned to ultimate team, you lose a contract but the game doesn't count (I play on PC so I know). Once someone did this in the gold cup semis and I wasn't eliminated.

But not all trainers work the same, I've heard of some giving the other player a WIN if the glitcher scores an OG, some trainers make the game not count, some give the loss. Like I said, it's not the same trainer all this time, glitchers just keep making new ones so they wont all be the same

Great idea, the random thing would work plus realistically they can limit the amount of fut 16 coins bet say to 50-100 thousand. If it is random and the quit win glitch is gone this would work but it will never happen cause its too good of an idea for EA to implement


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