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Build Cloud-based Mobile Apps with HokuApps

Historically, businesses invested in native apps. Low-code mobile app development is breaking the trend with solutions that work on Android, iOS and the Web. And with Android commanding 85.9% and iOS coming second with 14.1% of the global OS market share, there is little requirement to invest in any other OS platform.

These apps and their web versions live on servers, hence called the cloud, accessible to all via the apps or web browsers. When it comes to enterprise mobile apps that run on the cloud, low-code mobile app development is the better option.

Here’s why…

Simultaneous Deployment

Native apps require apps built from scratch for each OS platform, i.e., iOS or Android. Each is developed in their respective programming languages, i.e., Java or Kotlin for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS.

On the other hand, an automated platform like the one developed by HokuApps creates apps via a drag and drop process of elements to create functional apps in days or weeks. Thereby, all apps created on their low-code mobile app development platform work on iOS, Android and the Web, automatically.

This way, you don’t have to choose between Android and iOS. For example, if you are promoting your apps on social media, the OS will automatically guide you to either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, based on your respective mobile OS.

Affordable to All

Historically, only capital-heavy businesses could invest in the development of custom mobile apps. That’s where most bigwigs got a head start over the competition. With low-code enterprise app development for cloud deployment, any company can develop their own apps at affordable costs. At times, the difference is even 70%, compared to native app development.

The same is true for app maintenance. While native apps require coding to share upgrades, cloud-based app development can automatically share the upgrade with regular patch sharing.

It’s not that low-code app development is free, it is however way more affordable for businesses.

Saves Time

Traditional app development, on an average, takes at least 6 months for a functioning app of moderate complexity. Complex ones can cross the one year mark.

Low-code, with its pre-built business modules, pre-built technology components, pre-built designs and pre-built connectors, creates apps in minutes. The average time to build a moderate app comes down to 6-8 weeks. So why take 6-8 weeks when the app is developed in minutes? For a fully-customized app that fits in exactly to a business’s unique requirements and hierarchical architecture, developers take that time to customize the app.


Native app development does not include business-critical features automatically. These will have to be created and then connected to the app (not to mention the extra costs).

HokuApps offers two critical components automatically.

Firstly, Enterprise Administration Backend with Dashboards Featuring a Granular Reporting Engine. This components collate all data and showcases the same in the way of analytics. The dashboard is fully-configurable to suit a user’s requirements.

Secondly, a Communication Framework. It is an accepted theory that a company that works in a collaborative environment performs better. With an inbuilt secure enterprise messaging service, employees and departments can chat, share documents and integrate with calendars/MS Office 365 and such.

Run Mobile Apps on Cloud with HokuApps

Any way you look at it, mobile apps made on a low-code platform trump native app development is all categories. Be it development time, integration options, affordability, customer reach, and quality. Plus, HokuApps’ low-code platform is highly scalable and offers industry-best security features, inbuilt in the apps.

The end-result of mobile apps that run on the cloud include streamlined business processes, access to business intelligence at your fingertips and full-lifecycle maintenance.


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