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In Thailand, we experience a style of Fisherman’s pants that have been worn by Thai fisherman for centuries. Identical to the traditional attire of the Intha males, known to the Burmese as the Shan Baun-mi, who live on Inlay Lake in Myanmar, this clothing is worn daily by residents of Koh Samui, and visitors alike.

The actual origins of Thai Fisherman’s pants are well hidden, most likely lost through the orally spread stories of Thailand. What we are aware of is, that since the start of backpackers drifting around Thailand, that they have become very, very popular amongst Western travelers.

Traditionally, they are unisex trousers, and are initially very confusing if you’ve never seen or tried them on before. Two large trouser legs plus a very high waist, leave you feeling perplexed as to how to start wearing them, but once you’ve learned, you are guaranteed to enjoy them.

There are two ways in which you can be dressed in the trousers, depending on the style of design. Customarily, these trousers come with a separate belt, so you need to step into the two legs, stretch the material out as far as it will go, left to right, and then fold both sides from the side of your thigh over the front of your leg, meeting in the middle at your belly button. If you don’t have a belt, you can simply roll the trousers down, and you will find that they stay very well.

If you do have a belt, wrap it around your waist, then fold the material down over the belt. Some Thai Fisherman Pants, now also have the belt attached to the actual material, so you are required to do the same folding, then pull the belt forwards from the back, and tie it around you waist, folding the top of the trousers over the belt that has been provided.

If you become confused with all of the folding, do not become disenchanted by the outfit, an attempt has been made to contact Martha Stewart or one of her apprentices on the subject, to better explain the process to the millions who have yet to experience their comfort.

The trend seems to have begun with back-packers who came across this attire while travelling around Thailand, wearing them due to their comfort and ease. Now Thai Fisherman’s Pants have become increasingly popular due to their ultimate convenience and comfort.

Even more uniform with Yoga instructors, they are now often used as standard dress for Yoga instructional classes.Many martial arts schools have also chosen them as time-honored attire, since they reflect their excellence for work outs and exercise routines, due the looseness of the light weight material. The list of wearers goes on and on: Masseuses in Spas around Koh Samui use them as uniforms... Pregnant women enjoy their comfort and free size which allows their belly to expand without buying larger clothing...and so on... Available to buy all around Thailand, on Koh Samui you can expect to find them in most shopping areas. The material is available in many colours, often in very light weight cotton. If you’re looking for superb quality and a larger variation of materials, you absolutely must visit Erez’s shop in Lamai.

Here he stocks the greatest variation and high-est quality of Thai Fisherman’s Pants designed, all based on the traditional Thai ethnic clothing of fishing villages in Southern Thailand. Erez’s materials range from traditional rayon, to cotton, Burmese silk, local hemp, and jean. The most beautiful and luxurious of all, perfectly suited for a fine dinner with friends and even used in Thai weddings, is his linen, lined with soft silk for extra comfort.

Erez has even designed a style specific for yachtsmen, which is in 3⁄4 lengths and has a seethrough zipper pocket. There are also annual limited editions available. Erez is now developing combinations which will include a massage set, and a mother and baby set, with a pair for both mother and baby. All Erez’s Thai Fisherman’s Pants are made in Thailand, from the finest local fabrics. Most important, for any of us visiting this country of incredible clothing wear... ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Also note that once you’ve left Thailand, you can order them all online from his website with the greatest of ease.

Fisherman’s Pants Website:

Location: Lamai, Koh Samui

Directions : - Ring Road sourth into Lamai

,               turn left onto the Lamai Beach Road.
Take the next left turning at the cross roads and Erez’s shop is near to  "Zara beach resort " on your left hand side just before the beach.