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Green IT as a Foremost Computer Recycling Companies in UK

Disposal of computer systems around the world is seeking attention of the nation builders. Global warming, green house gas effects and the manically rising pollution level need to be checked strictly if the world wants to see the future generation of humans growing healthily and leading a good life. Green IT Disposal Ltd is one UK-based company that has taken the need for computer recycling seriously. Fully licensed, the company offers free-of-cost disposal services to its UK-based clients to encourage the practice. The company is tied in a business relationship with the famed PAD Logistics.
It volunteers to collect electronic wastes from any location within the mainland UK. With excellent waste collection services, Green IT ascertains that minimum environmental impact is being made through lowest possible transportation. Their services also range from simple computer recycling to IT dismantling. To ensure that the client’s privacy is strictly maintained, Green IT offers additional data wiping services. This can either be asked to perform in the homes of the clients in their presence, or allowed to be done in the company lab under their strict privacy control system. The IT disposal company offers recycling and disposal services of all WEEE and IT products that include, computers, CCTVs, medical equipments, industrial tools, electronics and even retail products.

The company runs through an army of expert professionals who can securely dispose anything from phone devices to digital recording machines. With the core aim to give out flexible disposal solutions, the company renders the service in a fully green manner. With zero effect on the environment, the company instigates the users to come forth and avail their services for free. Maintaining a long list of happy clients, Green IT is one of the fast-growing companies in the industry and is becoming one among the most obvious choice of computer recycling service providers in UK.

The service provider follows up the clients by providing them an itemized asset audit report so that users know the items they have given out for disposal. After the service is rendered, the company provides all their clients with a legal compliance certificate that they can produce in the future as a testimony of their nature-friendly disposal ways.
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Green IT Disposal Ltd are a fully licensed computer recycler partnered with established logistics company, PAD Logistics.