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Study Operations Research with MIT's Open Course-ware

Graduate Tutor.Com is seeing its way through MIT’s Open courseware! As part of their vision to make learning easier, they have been providing tutoring to students who wish to learn through MIT’s open courseware. has just announced the addition of ‘Optimization Methods in Management Science-15.053(Spring 2007)’ into the list of topics that they provide tutoring in!

MIT’s Open courseware is a major contribution to people who wish to learn and Graduate Tutor. Com makes this easier by supporting students needing help or experts to guide them with MBA tutors. Graduate Tutor's expert tutors consist of MBA, CPAs or CFAs with remarkable tutoring skills in accounting, statistics, operational research and finance as seen in business schools. Currently their tutors cater to students from a number of top business schools and are confident with their capability to tutor MIT’s open courseware (OCW)

‘Optimization Methods in Management Science’ is just one of the many topics that Graduate Tutor plan to provide tutoring in. Graduate Tutor hopes to provide tutoring support to many more programs included in MIT’s open courseware soon and render their services with high quality and precision so that students enjoy learning and look forward to it! Some of these topics include Data mining- 15.062 (Spring 2003),Economic Analysis for Business Decisions-15.010 & 15.011(Fall 2004),Optimization Methods in Management Science-15.053(Spring 2007),Game Theory for Managers-15.040 (Spring 2004),Fundamentals of Probability- 6.436J / 15.085J (Fall 2005, Finance Theory II-15.402 (Spring 2003), Data mining, Applied Economics for Managers, Applied Macro- and International Economics, Applied Statistics- 15.075 (Spring 2003), Data, Models, and Decisions-15.060 (Fall 2007)


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