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Gray Taxidermy at the 2012 Miami Boatshow

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Gray Taxidermy at the 2012 Miami Boatshow

Our presence at the show was effective at displaying our product line to the public. These trade shows are also used to reach out to new marinas and captains throughout the world.

At The Miami Boat Show our media friends surrounded the booth.  Many of our international marinas were present and new relationships were made with other marinas as Gray Taxidermy continues to grow.  Gray Taxidermy was able to proudly show customers and crews our product and our new and improved paint schemes.

We know how hard you guys are working in the field to promote Gray Taxidermy.  We want  to help make it easier by  becoming familiar with our Gray Team and our new products.  We would like to welcome all new agents throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Mexico, as well as our new teams here in The States.  Stay tuned for the Gray Team in your area as we continue to hit the road!

Special thanks to Chris Fischer of Fischer Productions as well as Jodi, Brett and their crew!!!  We love you!