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Jungle Fever - Stick Around, You May Catch It!

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Jungle Fever - Stick Around, You May Catch It!

After speaking with countless numbers of customers and crews while on our travels, we learned the numbers are up!  The boats are sailing, the people are fired up, and the Gray Taxidermy message, “Mount Your Catch,” is spreading.

Costa Rican regulations require that all billfish are catch and release. Circle hooks are a must.  Even with these pressures, the release mounts are a huge success!  Upon arriving in Los Suenos Marina, we hadn’t even got out of the rent-a-car when we saw a Trophy Flag flying from the rigger of the Spanish Fly run by Daniel Espinoza.  On every dock, the boys are using the new Gray Gear.  This includes the Discount Coupons, Trophy Flags, Release Certificates, and the new Catch Certificate.  Even the boats equipped with TVs are using the Gray    Taxidermy Charter Boat Video.  As politicians continue to control and close our fisheries, we continue to bring you the tools necessary to mount trophy fish whether harvested or released.  It is our goal to offer training and develop any crews that ask for assistance.  It is also our goal to listen and learn from those of you in the field as we look forward to the future.

When we return from the field and speak to the customers at our headquarters in Florida, another piece of the puzzle becomes clear; the customers are asking to mount their fish!  We are receiving orders in-house from customers returning from their vacations and fishing trips and one part seems to be missing; new captains are pitching the mounts to the customers, but not sealing the deal.             The customers after coming home are reaching out to us.  We have written more orders on behalf of captains in the last 2 months then all last year!

Although we are happy to help, don’t be afraid to write the order.  The customer wants it.  It gives us great pleasure to show up in Quepos, Costa Rica, with commission for a captain who sold his first fish with our help.  Keep in mind if the customers are calling us, you’re 90% there.  You just need to write it up!  The fishing throughout Costa Rica is red hot and the boats are           sailing.  Keep up the good work and continue to communicate with us!  We have the tools you need!

Special thanks to Joel Jefferson for his help on this trip.  Joel is our Area Rep for Los Suenos and Northern Costa Rica.  Also, a special thanks to our Area Rep in Marina Pez Vela, Quepos, John Mumford.