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Giant Blue Marlin sets New Bahamian Record - Custom Mount Creation Awarded to Gray Taxidermy

Angler David Albury of Man-O-War Cay, Bahamas, fought the big blue for two hours, then the crew worked diligently for another hour before getting the impressive fish on board.

“When we saw the fish in the spread, we could not believe our eyes,” said Double Dag owner Don McKinney of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “We scrambled to clear the light tackle and get the 80’s in position just in time for the giant blue to crash the left  short.” Team Double Dog has been competing in the Bahamas Billfish Championship for more than ten years and the Team won the Championship title in 2009.

A drained David Albury said, “I was so excited that I never realized that I was in the chair for more than three hours. It wasn’t until we attempted to boat the fish that I began to realize its size. My muscles are aching today but I’m sure I’ll feel much more uncomfortable tomorrow.” One of the two mates Nick Lucov also realized that the fish may be special based on the 22" tail. In general, a fish with a tail measurement of around 20" is a grander.

According to the Double Dog’s captain, Jason Parker, “It was team work all the way especially when it came to getting the fish into the boat. We quickly realized that we were going to have a difficult time getting the fish through the transom door. Instead we rigged the block and tackle to pull the enormous fish through the door.”  "The two mates Nick Lucov and Hector Torres played a pivotal part in the preparation and success of taking this record marlin", Captain Parker continues.

The previous blue marlin record for Bahamas was 1060.5 pounds, established by Sam Jennings of Miami, Florida in 1979 while fishing another Bahamas Billfish Championship tournament, the Bimini Summer Blue Marlin Tournament. Remarkably and according to BBC president Al Behrendt, “All of the blue marlin over 900 pounds caught in the Bahamas have been caught during BBC tournaments. What is significant about the new Bahamas blue marlin record is that, for the very first time, the record it is held by a Bahamian, David Albury.” This record breaking fish also propelled the team to a first place finish at the fifth leg at Treasure Cay, and an overall 6th place finish in the combined BBC.  Before taking the giant blue, Team "Double Dog" had already  caught and released one Blue Marlin and two White Marlins.

David Albury turned to Gray Taxidermy to have the tail and bill mounted as he knows that as memorable this day was, by getting a custom mount the memories will be even sweeter and last forever.


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