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The Three Myths About Fundamental Education and PSD to HTML Tutorials

It sounds a little trite or even out-of-date, but it is still true: structured, regular, and comprehensive instruction is a necessary foundation for a productive work and professional career in many occupations. Of course, we know that there are people who have achieved great success without university degrees but if you sift out the media hype from reality then it is often seen that these quite rare exceptions only prove the rule.

Myth 1: The regular education (all those principles, facts, and drilling) kills talent and creativity. Can’t agree with that. Like brilliants versus rough diamonds, talents ‘faceted’ by a master and good school are often more bright, versatile, capable of non-standard decisions, and – last but not least – higher paid. On the other hand, “wild creativity” might result in a project failure, discredited company’s image, and financial loss.

Myth 2. One more myth is that nowadays there is no enough time to master all those subjects. But is there time to stumble over one and the same question over and over again? ‘Fast’ answers found in the search engines may be just a waste of time because a reader without a knowledge background rarely can evaluate their quality and real usefulness. At the same time an advice given by a wise teacher can be much worthier than dozens of forum posts. Also, modern educational web-technologies save a lot of time and open new opportunities for students all over the world.

Myth 3: Books are too expensive now, or Books are difficult to get in some locations, that is why they are replaced by free tutorials. Unfortunately, there are a lot of examples that such a substitution is not sufficient.

Moreover, education means not only solution algorithms for certain tasks and technical best practices. It is also professional ethics, the spirit of profession, new friends, potential business partners and many other immaterial things which in truth differ pros from amateurs.

Regarding the web design and PSD to HTML tutorials, reading them – and writing too – is a proven way to keep abreast of the Web design and development novelties, improve and expand your knowledge and skill set, find out ‘secret’ tips and fresh expert’s recommendations, hit upon new ideas, and exchange experience.

But don’t forget such opportunities for education and your further professional growth as

  • Books (they still contain a lot of information that is not available online);
  • Trainings, webinars, web courses or even individual master classes;
  • Conferences, workshops;
  • Open source projects;
  • Established coding frameworks and their code patterns;
  • Contests;    as well as
  • Visiting art exhibitions, nature, etc.

Moreover, these activities will help you to promote yourself and add some points to your resume and, as a result, your salary too.

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