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Avail the Premier Brand for Industrial Ice Making Equipments

The industry of commercial ice is related with all the systems of preserve food and most widely used current applications of refrigeration; thus the equipments and supplies to the packaged and commercial ice industries is an important factor regarding this issue.

In this part of industry ICE SYSTEMS & SUPPLIES, INC. is having a well established business of 34 years. After being in this field for last 34 years the company can understand very easily about the latest needs of this particular zone and try to redesign and reproduce their devices according to that vey need of the market. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of automatic ice palletizer and many other ice merchandisers and supply machineries this company has been proved their name with excellence and honor.

There is more advance and more multifaceted machineries have been designed and introduced for this purpose of supplies to the packaged and commercial ice. Now the primitive theory of store foods under the pile of ice has changed with the ideas of improved machines and technologies. In the industry of industrial ice making equipment manufacturing the ICE SYSTEMS & SUPPLIES, INC. is having a well established business with its professional sales personnel located throughout the United States.

The manufacturers of these kinds of equipments are doing well in the commercial ice making industry. They try to give their clients more effective equipments that can store more ice in less demanding manner. With this kind of intention to create something more complex and advance companies like Ice Systems & Supplies, Inc. are serving the zone of commercial and packaged ice industry. Among their best products including Hamer, Kamco bins, Leer, Star, Starrett, Keith and many more the automatic ice palletizer is really unique and most effective.

This machine is exclusively designed and manufactured by Ice Systems & Supplies, Inc. It can pack up to 45 bags per minute using loose 10# bags and up to 37 bags per minute using 20# bags. There is no need to modify the system. They are the full service supplier and manufacturer of ice palletizing systems, custom screw conveyors, industrial ice making equipment, automatic ice bagging and sealing equipment, ice merchandisers, ice storage warehouses and ice storage bins they are serving the commercial and packaged ice industry.

They are not only the manufacturer but also they are the stocking distributor, parts supplier and service center for all the industry’s major manufacturers and it can be easily understood that only a capable and faultless service provider like Ice Systems & Supplies, Inc. can get the chance to be attached with the name of such leaders in the commercial ice industry.

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Phone: 1- 800-662-1273, 1-803-324-8791

Address: Ice Systems & Supplies, Inc.163 E. Mt. Gallant Rd. Rock Hill, SC. 29730

Country: United States

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Among all the manufacturer and suppliers in the USA this premier company is the best at their services since 1977 on the field of manufacturing of industrial ice making equipments.