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IPHost Network Monitor Can Now Support Up to 5,000 Monitored Items, Fit for Larger Enterprises and MSPs

Novosibirsk, Russia, June 30, 2011 -- IPHostMonitor Inc. announces the performance update of IPHost Network Monitor 3.1, a reliable distributed network monitoring tool that supports the performance and uptime monitoring of Windows and Unix/Linux servers and workstations, web applications and websites, various servers and services. Updated IPHost Network Monitor can support monitoring of 2,000 network resources (monitors) with average hardware and up to 5,000 monitored resources with more recent hardware. The performance of all parts of the monitoring tool has improved, including the console application and web interface.

With the help of Remote Network Agents IPHost Network Monitor can check the resources in multiple networks from one point. Remote Network Agents are an indispensable part of a monitoring solution for companies with several networks to monitor and for managed service providers (MSP) that need to monitor their customers' networks and servers. IPHost Network Monitor provides an out of the box solution for MSPs to monitor dozens of customer networks from a single central site. IP services, Unix/Linux and Windows server infrastructure, firewalls, routers and LANs can be monitored from a single monitoring point.

The ability to simultaneously monitor up to 5,000 network resources in multiple networks makes IPHost Network Monitor a tool of choice for a wide range of business users starting from the SMB market to enterprises with multiple branches and MSPs (Managed Service Providers).


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