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Advantages of having Engine Data Management 730 System in an Aircraft

EDM 730Either you are planning to upgrade from an older EDM to EDM 730 or are planning on replacing some analog dials with the EDM 730 but in either case, your choice of EDM 730 could not have been better.

The Aircraft Engine Data Management 730 is an awesome piece of technology that offers clear, full-colour high-contrast graphics. It is easily installed (vertical or horizontal) and is considered as the most advanced and accurate piston engine-monitoring and advisory instrument on the market. It has been TSO’d for quality.

The Aircraft Engine Data Management 730 is one of the easiest to programme and all programming is done from the front panel.

Here is an abridged list of its features and specifications:

1. Easy to install.
2. Clear, Full-Colour Graphics.
3. Easy to programme.
4. Annunciation of exceedances.
5. Easy-to-read data display.
6. Fully tested and approved.
7. Displays more information per page.

Package Form Factor:

1. Four mounting options.
2. Requires only 3-1/8" space.
3. Just 65mm depth.
4. Easy to adjust location.
5. Data download via USB port.
6. Easily upgradable from 700 series JPI EDM’s.
7. Pilot programmable parameters.
8. Just press button for Rich of peak or lean of peak operation.
9. Horsepower display in percentage.
10. Graphically display of RPM and manifold pressure.
11. Fuel management can be linked to GPS.
12. Computerized fuel-flow system.
13. EDM 730 scanner function.
14. Ideal for 4/6/7/8/9-cylinder engines.
15. Display in portrait or landscape.
16. Turbocharged engines.


1. JPI Carb Temp Option 10-27103
2. JPI Oil Temp Option 10-27100
3. JPI RPM Option 10-01720
4. JPI Oil Pressure Option 10-04075
5. JPI Manifold Pressure 10-04512
6. JPI OAT Option 10-27095
7. JPI TIT Option 10-27090

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