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Vonja Gentle of Karat Gold Jewelers knows an engagement ring is forever

Factors such as cut, carat weight, color, and clarity are essential in choosing the best ring, those of which are wonderfully reflected in the website's collection of princess cut, emerald cut, marquise cut, and other shapes that make ring shopping such a delight.

"We firmly believe that your love deserves the beauty of a stunning engagement ring that doesn't cost a fortune." said Vonja Gentle President of Karat Gold.

As wedding ring is the symbol of love and commitment between the couple, one should take some extra care while selecting wedding ring. The couple has many considerations that will determine the level of wedding rings in which they purchase. Most women opt for diamonds, while others opt for simplicity. It is strictly the bride’s preference. Other gems are also entering the wedding ring scene such as emeralds and sapphires. Which are beautiful additions to the wedding ring.

“Rings are our culture’s symbol for a loving relationship that connotes commitment and marriage." added Gentle.


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About Karat Gold
Established in 1980, Karat Gold is a family-owned jeweler that offers high quality, hand-crafted jewelry in sterling silver, gold and gemstones. Based in Rio De Janeiro, Karat Gold maintains over 800 designs in the active product line. Each design is originated by skilled men and women in the Karat Gold design studio and then finely crafted and produced by skilled artisans predominantly.