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Vonja Gentle of Karat Gold Jewelers says celebrate graduation day with fine jewelry

Whether the gift is for a young student graduating from high school, college or even graduating from a masters program, a simple yet meaningful piece of jewelry can be the perfect graduation gift.  Adorn that special graduate with a beautiful yellow gold honeycomb pendant necklace or coronate her with a white gold and diamond crown ring fit for royalty.

The graduation ceremony symbolizes a rewarding personal and professional achievement that results from hard work and dedication,” said Vonja Gentle President of Karat Gold. “Such a special occasion merits a celebratory gift that is both beautiful to wear and something that the recipient will cherish.

All the hard work, ups, downs, joy and excitement have all led up to this moment. Mark your son or daughter's proud milestone achievement in higher education with a gift to be cherished for a lifetime.


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About Karat Gold
Established in 1980, Karat Gold is a family-owned jeweler that offers high quality, hand-crafted jewelry in sterling silver, gold and gemstones. Based in Rio De Janeiro, Karat Gold maintains over 800 designs in the active product line. Each design is originated by skilled men and women in the Karat Gold design studio and then finely crafted and produced by skilled artisans predominantly.