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Global Coronary Stent Expanded Access, Aging Populations And Increasing Obesity Levels To Drive Future Growth


The stent market is an important segment of the coronary heart diseases. The stent is a small, elastic, mesh like tube made of a metal stainless steel or cobalt alloy that acts as support. Stents are attached onto small balloons and opened inside the artery to reinstate blood flow and support the vessel wall. Stenting does not involve any major incision and is performed with the help of local anesthesia and low sedation. Stenting is relatively more comfortable for patients in comparison to coronary artery bypass heart surgery.

Stents help in avoiding the heart attacks which is caused by narrowing of the coronary arteries. Drug eluting stents which are coated with medication are the most commonly used stents. Many new stents like bio resorbabale stents are in the market and next generation stents like drug filled stent are under research and development. Stents become very necessary in the severe instances of atherosclerosis which is a state where medium and large arteries harden and start narrowing because their insides get filled with plaque. The most common method employed for the treatment of coronary heart disease includes pharmaceuticals, balloon angioplasty, stenting and coronary artery bypass grafting.

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The stent market was affected by thrombosis scare in the year 2010. Later the market was also affected due to stent deformity issues and pricing pressures which led the stent market down.

The key factors which are anticipated to drive stent market include aging population, improving utilization of hospital, enhancement in the volume of drug eluting stent, improvement in the global health care expenditure, accelerated economic growth, diabetic population, increased consumption of alcohol, rising obese population, increase in hypertension. Some of the significant developments of this industry include introduction of new products from competing companies, Next generation stents and testing of drug filled stent. However, the challenge to be faced ahead is pricing pressure, regulatory issues and complications associated with implantation of stents.

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This report offers a comprehensive analysis of the stent market. Furthermore, market dynamics such as key trends and development; and challenges are analyzed in depth. On the contention front, the global stent market is reined by few major players namely Boston Scientific, Abbott Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic. The competitive landscape of the respective market, along with the company profiles of the leading players are also discussed in detail.

Table of Content

1. Cardiology Market – An Introduction

1.1 Interventional Cardiology

1.1.1 Bypass Surgery (or CABG)

1.1.2 Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) or Angioplasty

1.2 Stenting and its Types

1.2.1 Drug Eluting Stent and Bare Metal Stent

1.2.2 Benefits of Stenting

2. Coronary Stent Market Analysis

2.1 Global Coronary Stent Market by Value

2.1.1 Global Drug Eluting Stent Market by Value

2.1.2 Global Bare Metal Stent Market by Value

2.1.3 Global Drug Eluting Stent Market by Volume

2.1.4 Global Drug Eluting Stent Market by Device

3. The US DES Market

3.1 The US DES Market by Value

3.2 The US DES Market Share by Device

4. Rest of World DES Market

4.1 Rest of World DES Market by Value

5. Indian Stent Market

5.1 Total Stents Used in India

5.1.1 Total Drug Eluting Stents (DES) Used


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