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Sun Laboratories Introduces Sunless Tanning Creams And Lotions For Face

Sun Laboratories, based in Chatsworth, California, has just announced the launch of its special line of sunless tanning lotions for face. As a special introductory offer, the company is offering a staggering 55 percent discount too on one of these products. These face tanners are strictly meant for use on face, according to a release from the company. Those who want tanning products for other parts of the body such as the arms, legs, and the neck should look at the regular sun block and sun care products from Sun Laboratories.
Though every body part is of course important, but perhaps it is the face that always stands out. It is the face that we look first. Therefore, the perfect all-natural tan look and the young and vibrant appearance can certainly make the person look beautiful. The researchers and developers at Sun Labs understand this, and have always wanted to come out with a line that is specially meant for the face. These sunless tanning products is the result of years of R&D carried out at the companies facilities at Chatsworth.
There are three sunless face tanners on offer at this time. The self tanning 2.7 oz is an anti-aging self-tanner cream. It is a combination of the highest quality, all-natural ingredients that can provide the sun-kissed all-natural tan look quickly and safely. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well to make the face appear young and vibrant. It firms up the skin and provides an unmistakable glow. The natural property in this cream hydrates the skin and makes it look smooth. Of course, people age with time – the process of aging cannot really be reversed. But this is the closest we can get to looking young and beautiful.
The listed price for this self tanning cream at the website is $316.80. But, Sun Labs is at this time offering the cream at just $142.56. That is a saving of $174.24 or a staggering 55 percent.
There are other sunless creams and tanning lotions too at the website of Sun Labs.
The 02.7 oz face lotion is made with the same all-natural ingredients that has been thoroughly researched and tested at the company facilities in Chatsworth, CA. This is a medium product that can also provide quick results, and the effects are long-lasting too. It is available at $26.40 at the web store. But currently, Sun Labs is offering this item at $17.60, therefore allowing the buyer to save $8.80 or 33 percent.
The company insists that this is a limited time offer to encourage users to try the sunless creams and lotions. There is good demand for these items, and so, the prices may be hiked soon enough. Sun Laboratories is thus asking buyers to try one of these items as soon as possible and save money before the discount offer runs out.
About Sun Laboratories: Sun Laboratories is a leading manufacturer of some most popular sunless tanning products. The company researches and makes the products at their development center at Chatsworth, California, USA. These sunless products are widely used at salons and by home users too. For more information please visit the site
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Sunless tanning products specially meant for face offered by Sun Labs at huge discounts.