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L and M Landscape- Best Dallas Lawn Care Company

Dallas, Texas, May 4, 2010 - L and M Landscape have been voted as one of the top landscape companies in Dallas. L and M landscape has many lawn care offers with which they make your lawn look very attractive. They offer:

1. Lawn Maintenance: They have been best lawn company since 1993. They have researched in order to be good Dallas lawn care takers. They evaluate individual needs of each and every property, be it commercial or residential. They make it a point to accomplish the task successfully. The tasks are performed strictly as per the schedule. It is scheduled according to best time to get maximum results. Their program includes tasks like residential landscape/ lawn maintenance, mowing, edging, initial lawn clean up, winter rye and many more.

2. Fertilizing: They take care of weed control, right from pre emergent to post emergent. They also do grub worm control which eliminates insects that kill grass. They also do fire ant control with one year warranty. They protect your pets from flea and ticks. Not only that they will eliminate it forever. L and M also offer Aeration which is the most effective method of alleviating the surface. This process will boost the movement o air and water and promotes deeper. But lawns with little traffic don’t need aeration.

3. Landscaping: Design and architecture is the base of a good residential landscape. Any Lawn company would check with the size, that is length and breadth of the lawn before taking up its maintenance. Dallas landscapes are usually huge and spread out. An awesome good residential lawn would enhance the looks of your home. L and M helps you transform your lawn into a beautiful place. They create unique lawn plan and change the looks of the lawn totally. They have special residential landscape designers who take care of it. They also have scheduled maintenance in most of the Dallas landscapes. They make it a point that the lawn looks beautiful throughout the year.

L and M landscape management also provide various material calculators online such as Mulch calculators, Sand and gravel calculators and stacked stone wall. These help you in calculating the peripherals lawn according to the type of lawn.

About L and M Landscape:

L and M landscape have maintained their image amongst its customers. They have been voted as the best Dallas landscape maintenance company since 1993.

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