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Adjustments to Medicare Supplemental Plans Coming Soon

The Medicare Supplemental Insurance Guide today unveiled a notice to Medicare health insurance end users to be ready for impending modifications to the offered supplemental insurance policies. Two new policies will be unveiled as well as four others removed in these major changes which go live on June 1, 2010.

James Preston, editor of the Medicare Supplemental Insurance Guide, stated it is vital for anybody intending to sign-up or make alterations to Medigap plans to realize the alterations.

"Four of the recognized 12 Medicare supplemental health insurance plans are now being removed for good while two fresh versions are being introduced for the very first time," said Preston. "The good thing is that any plan acquired before June 1st won't be impacted unless of course the person wants to make a modification."

Some of the additional modifications to Medicare supplemental policies are the addition of a hospice benefit to Medigap Policies A through G and the elimination of the home recovery and preventative care benefit from all plans.

"If you have additional concerns about these benefits, I suggest you check out our web site at or pay a visit to your local health insurance agent," said Preston. "You could additionally phone Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE to ask about the changes."


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