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Medigap Plan N & M Available to Medicare Consumers in June 2010

Medigap, the supplemental insurance plan program for Medicare, will experience major alterations effective June 1, 2010. Changes to Medigap include the elimination of four policies while two brand new ones will be added. The changes are due to government laws which passed in 2005.

The main changes for the Medigap programs include:

* Medigap Plan E, Medigap Plan H, Medigap Plan I and Medigap Plan J are going to be no longer offered.

* Preventative treatment and home recovery benefits will certainly not be available in any policy.

* The increase of the benefit for excess costs in Medigap Policy G to 100 percent.

* The inclusion of two different Medigap Plans - M and N.

* The inclusion of a hospice benefit to the standard benefits of Medigap Plans A-G.

The changes will only impact brand new plans that are obtained on or after June 1, 2010. Plans bought before this particular date are not affected. There will be no need to carry out modifications to present Medigap policies unless of course specific plans no longer satisfy a user's needs.

The Medigap Consumer Guide,, has additional details on Medigap plans at its internet site.

About the Medigap Consumer Guide

The Medigap Consumer Guide is an on-line reference for Medicare users to make use of to learn about the different Medigap plans and to read about the essentials of the program.


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